Dark kitchens are also known as cloud or ghost kitchens or also known as delivery only restaurants

These are a low-cost, quick- turnover businesses, eliminating high capital costs of traditional brick and mortar with large sitting space which is often empty.

Dark kitchens are delivery-only restaurants, they exclusively service on-demand food apps like Uber Eats and Mr. D. We are always looking for innovative ways to provide access to markets to high growth potential businesses. Watch the space for more platforms to launch foodpreneurs to new heights!

Our first set of dark kitchens are in the heart of Sandton, behind Sandton City Library and Nelson Mandela square. Entrepreneurs that are placed in the dark kitchens are selected based on the uniqueness of their menu suitable for the Sandton market.

We carefully select owners who are committed to their businesses with great menu ideas. We assist them to improve their offering through our food specialist partners. We assist them with marketing, production, costing, pricing and health and safety compliance amongst others.

Meet our current Dark Kitchens businesses:

You think you have a great menu or offering to fit our Sandton Dark Kitchens!