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Vuttomi Liquids

Vuttomi Liquids

Vuttomi Liquids is a 100% black female-owned beverage business, started by Noni and her husband in 2019. From inception, the business was self-funded. They managed the business together, until the untimely passing of her partner. Now, Noni is the sole director of the company.

The pair initially decided to begin the business as a side hustle after an anniversary trip to Cape Town to learn about gin manufacturing. It was experimental, but they realized that they could do it. They ran with the idea.

When their side hustle developed into a small business, the market reacted positively to it. Vuttomi Liquids makes gin and tonic tea that can be consumed hot or cold with three varieties of gin flavors: classic African dry gin, coffee-infused, and moringa gin. They also offer coffee beans covered in chocolate and hot chocolate, as additional products. The main distillery is located next to Lanesia, Soweto.

Product range

  • Coffees
  • Hot chocolate
  • Coffee beans
  • Gin and Tonic tea
  • Vodka
  • Gin

What interventions were offered.

  • Product testing – The centre assisted the client with product testing for nutritional value and product shelf through SABS to be able to comply and meet industry standards .
  • Human Resource -The centre allocated a marketing intern to assist the business with product marketing and engaging with customer. The purpose of the intervention was to assist the client to increase its clientele.
  • Capacity building – The centre provided the clients with various training to enable them to manage their business and understand the required standards within the food industry.

How is the business progressing now?

The business has the potential to grow and the business currently employs 18 people, most of them as contractor.


Instagram: Vuttomi Liquids
Facebook: Vuttomi Liquids
Website: https://www.vuttomiliquids.co.za/

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